The Policy WG merged with SAFE WG on Aug 10, 2018, and together submitted SAFE WG proposal to CNCF TOC

This document illustrates the proposed CNCF Policy WG’s key objects and deliverables, and the way to forge ahead with SAFE WG as a unified CNCF level WG to avoid unnecessary overlap and concentrate resources.

CNCF Policy WG Proposal


Key Deliverables

  • Cloud Native Policy Architecture White Paper
  • Container Policy Interface implementations
  • Various feature requests to projects like kubernetes, opa, istio, spifee, and more.

Way forward on merging with SAFE WG

  1. Extend the original scope to include policy, such as security oriented policies (RBAC, network, Auth, …) and resource oriented policies (resource manager, quota, scheduling, topology, …)
  2. Extend the interested parties to include Policy WG key participants.
  3. Extend the deliverables to include Policy WG deliverables: a new scoped white paper on security and policy, cpi development/discussion, and upstream project feedback/feature request.
  4. WG rename after official status to reflect the new scope and deliverables.