TAG-Security channels housekeeping

Identifying and creating channels

Just for approved projects, “sec-assessment-xxxx” exception TAG-Security channels are identified with the “tag-security-” prefix. Except during conferences, the CNCF permits slack members to create channels; however, tag-security-related channels should only be created by chairs or tech leads, and are typically prefixed by tag-security- following hyphenation of the topic/subject. This helps the community find topics of relevance as well as discover areas to collaborate.

It is requested that channels include a header for what it is used for.

Additional information may be found in the CNCF slack guidelines.

Code of conduct

Members of TAG-Security channels are expected to abide by the code of conduct.

Posting outside content

The TAG-Security channels are mechanisms for cloud native security discussions. It is expected that outside, non-tag created content will be posted; however, these should include topics of relevance and interest to the cloud native community space, rather than marketing or promotion of a vendor-specific product.

For example, maintainers and contributors of projects are encouraged to post relevant topics, podcasts, and blogs in the channels provided the content is not self-endorsing for the sake of driving attention to the project.